Sorry, I’ll Keep Apologizing

This article originally appeared on American Twilight. I still remember riding in the car as a child, rolling my eyes as my mom scolded me for using uptalk, or as she put it, “ending all of your sentences as if they were questions.” While I’m glad she broke me of that particular habit, it wasn’t... Continue Reading →

I Wasn’t Born This Way

This article originally appeared on American Twilight. For most people, transgender identity and its attendant social issues are a pretty new concept. It was only in the past few years that we’ve seen transgender identity enter the mainstream discourse as anything but the occasional punchline. It’s only been a few more years than that for... Continue Reading →

Poetry Month 2017

This is only the second year I've decided to participate in April's Poetry Month Challenge, where participants write a poem every day for the month of April. I really enjoyed the challenge, because I don't often write poetry, but it can be so cathartic to express yourself in a different medium every now and then.... Continue Reading →

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